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Wednesday Intention: Why it will work

I don't have enough followers. I failed the test. I don't know how to take good enough photos or videos.

Is your mindset telling you why it won't work too?

Todays Wednesday Intention is about shifting your mindset from why it won't work to why it WILL WORK. I have been working towards two big goals. Both of which have been a few years in the making. This one, the one that you are seeing, reading and scrolling on is one of my big dreams: Being a wellness coach/influencer or whatever you'd like to call it. Bottom line is I have a dream to help people live their happiest and healthiest life.

Everything that I post/talk about are actions that I take in my own life. I know that these things work for myself so I'd love to be able to share them with you. BUT I won't lie to you and say that this is the first time I've tried and I found success immediately. Nope! This isn't even the first website I've created. I have been doing a half hearted version of this since I was a sophomore in high school. With each new season feeling inspired to do it again but then listening to the "Why it won't work" thought and quitting once again, rather than listening to the "Why it will work thoughts".

Imagine, for a second, if I had followed through the first time I was inspired. Imagine if I leaned in all the way 9 years ago. Imagine where I could be...

I have reflected and decided that it is time to start listening to the "Why it will work" thoughts and courageously chase this dream in my heart. I am actively switching out the doubtful thoughts for thoughts that fill me with energy and courage.

This will work because...

- This is how I live my life. I will always have good content and ideas to help others

- I am staying consistent in my posting

- I am enjoying the process of learning

-I am passionate about helping others and I want to pursue this

What ever goal you have in your mind, you are capable of achieving it. Help yourself by fixing your thoughts. Why WILL it work?

Happy Wednesday Loves!



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