Soul Stone Wellness is your one-stop-shop massage facility that specializes in Hot Stone Therapy, Swedish Massage, Fire Cupping, Raindrop Therapy, Reiki, and Medical Massages. If you don’t know which massage you need, I will take the time to study your habits and determine what level of pressure, temperature, and motion is best suited for your body’s condition. 

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                     Posted 12/13/2019

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   * Military Discount* 

10% off will be honored for any active duty or retired Veteran with valid I.D. upon request.

This discount will be extended to all EMT, Fire, and Law Enforcement Personnel.

Holistic Wellness

Offering a variety of healing modalities in order to promote health and wellness.  My intention is to reduce the pain, stiffness, and muscular stress through natural therapies thereby inducing blood flow, range of motion, and the emotional wellness of my clients.  I promote the ideology of natural healing by providing a range of massage therapy, body work, and reiki.

Experience for yourself the benefits of natural, therapeutic massage.

Rain Drop Therapy

45 min    $75


45 min -1 hr    $55

Thai Massage

1.5hrs     $80

Fire Cupping

1 hour     $80

Pre-Paid Packages


   $210 - 4 (1 hr) Swedish Massages, regular price - $220 

   $400 - 8 (1 hr) Swedish Massages, regular price - $440

   $600 - 12 (1 hr) Swedish Massages, regular price - $660  


   $230 - 4 (1 hr) Deep Tissue Massages, reg. price - $240

   $440 - 8 (1 hr) Deep Tissue Massages, reg. price - $480

   $660 - 12 (1 hr) Deep Tissue Massages, reg. price - $720

Standard Swedish
 1/2 hour     $40
     1 hour     $55
  1.5 hours     $75

Deep Tissue

1/2 hour      $45
1 hour      $60

1.5 hours     $80

Hot Stone 
1 hour     $70
​1.5 hours     $85

$1 per minute up to 20 minutes

Getting to Know Soul Stone

I am all about enjoy the great outdoors, Mother Nature, 

and promoting health, wellness and healing.  

I believe that our bodies have the natural ability to heal themselves

and promote this ideology by providing massage therapy, Reiki,

and yoga.

My goal is to provide additional natural modalities such as

Naturopathic counseling, herbalism, sound tuning,

and guided meditations as well as options for Flotation therapy, Sauna

treatments and halotherapy in the near future. 


hope to see you soon!