Miranda Selby, DNH


PLEASE NOTE:Soul Stone  IS NOT   taking new massage clients at this time

Naturopathic Health & Wellness Coaching

Energy & Bodywork


Meet Miranda

I am all about enjoy the great outdoors, Mother Nature, and promoting health, wellness and healing.  
I believe that our bodies have the natural ability to heal themselves. I help this process by providing massage therapy, Reiki,
and yoga as well as additional natural modalities such as Naturopathic counseling, herbalism, sound tuning, and Sauna treaments. By guiding the body in ways of relaxation and stress management, my approach allows for a holistic state of health and well-being.


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Why Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is about treating the whole person; Body, Mind and Spirit. This means that when complications present themselves, We will look at all of you and the situations you are in as opposed to focusing on just your symptoms. This helps the body discover the root cause of our issues and allows the body to initiate its own healing. Through traditional, herbal and all natural approaches, I simply assist the bodies own ability to heal by providing a means for reduced stress and inflammation and supporting the body with tools for overall well-being.